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Business Law

Strategic Law Command assists clients in resolving and avoiding business including corporate formations, partnership agreements, employment agreements, asset and intellectual property protection to commercial litigation disputes, arbitration and regulatory proceedings, including contract disputes, construction disputes, real estate litigation, partner and shareholder disputes, employment law matters, and unfair competition.
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Criminal Defense

Our team has dealt with virtually every kind of criminal charge and defendant. When you hire us you are getting experienced criminal defense lawyers that have won in trial from both sides of the aisle, as both prosecutors and defense counsel. We will aggressively represent your rights, and not just look to “cut a deal”.  From the moment we are retained, our focus will be to understand the facts and provide you the knowledge you need in order make the right decisions about your case and tenaciously fight for your case at all times.
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Military Criminal Defense

We defend those who defend our country. When a member of the military is charged with a crime, a different set of rules and procedures are in place than those in the civilian sector.  Having been involved with the Military Justice side, with a perspective of what really happens, allows us to assist your JAG Attorney and take the lead with many more years of both operational and trial experience.
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Family Law

Family Law issues can be complex and emotionally charged. Therefore, it is essential to have a relationship with an attorney you can trust. We are committed to helping you obtain the best results during the legal process, so you can get your life back on track. We do this by making the process cost-efficient and timely.

Strategic Law Command

Who We Are and How We Think

We believe that the better armed you are, the better your chances of survival against the government, or any entity that would try to take your life, liberty or property.  When we speak of “armed” however, we want you armed with KNOWLEDGE.  Knowledge of your rights. Knowledge of the law.  Knowledge of upcoming changes in the law. KNOWLEDGE that you have a powerful team fighting for you.

In this “information age”, it is knowledge and information that are the greatest weapons against tyranny, oppression, and those that intend to take what is deemed precious away from you.

The core of our team all served our country and we choose to serve you today, to protect your rights, your liberty and most importantly your freedom. Whether it be in the courtroom, or across a conference table, we will ensure you have the finest representation, and positive outcome available.

We are a battle tested business consulting and litigation trial firm. Whether criminal or civil, our team has deep experience with over one hundred (100+) jury trials, including civil and criminal court trials, administrative trials and Courts Martial.  Law firms come to us when they are in a tough situation, as winning in trial is what we do!

Click on our team members below for a better understanding of their education background and experience.  We may not all be pretty, but we have the education, background and hard-fought experience to ensure you have quality legal representation.

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Daniel M. Karalash

Dan is a former USAF Captain, Sacramento County Deputy District Attorney, holds his B.A. and M.B.A. and received his J.D. from the McGeorge School of Law with distinction (Cum Laude) in 1994.  Dan serves as the lead trial litigator and managing partner of Strategic Law Command.  He also serves at the pleasure of key business clients as their General Counsel of record.

Dan’s greatest strength is his ability to stay focused under fire and his take no prisoners approach to dealing with your adversaries.  As a client you can also be assured you will receive “straight talk”, not legal mumbo jumbo.

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Lori M. Porter

Lori has a tremendous amount of real world experience.  Receiving her B.S in 1978 from the University of California, Berkeley, her M.P.A. from the University of Southern California in 1980, served as a political appointee in the 1980 Reagan administration and received her J.D. from Pepperdine University School of Law in 1986.  Lori has 30+ years of multi-disciplinary expertise and is a core member of our business and civil litigation teams.

Lori’s greatest attributes are the balance she brings to the team, her depth of experience, knowledge of the law and exceptional intellect.

Gonzalo Vergaro, Retired Lt. Colonel, Gonzalo, paralega;

Gonzalo I. Vergara

Gonzalo is a retired multi-lingual USAF Lt. Colonel who speaks Spanish and Korean and has many years’ experience as a corporate, Civil and Criminal Defense paralegal and holds a B.A, M.B.A and his J.D. From the McGeorge School of Law.  Gonzalo plays a unique role across the entire client base, supporting corporate business matters, research, trial preparation, and related criminal defense client support.

His greatest attribute is his focus on supporting the team, both clients and attorneys, in whatever needs to be done to achieve the desired results and he will always greet you with a smile on his face and voice.

Client Testimonials

Dan Karalash is an extremely knowledgable lawyer with a marked lack of tolerance for injustice. He simply will not accept defeat and allow an injustice to take place on his watch. He fights for his clients aggressively, emphatically and creatively with any and all tools available to him. When Dan Karalash takes your case, he commits 100% and will not back down.

He represented my son at a very difficult time in what should have been a very simple matter, a school yard fight. My son had never been disciplined by the schools in his life until he was forced to defend himself when another student attacked him. 13 completely absurd hearings later, he was still with us and the charges were finally dismissed. At no point during the entire 18 month process did I feel anything other than a positive outcome was possible, thanks to Dan’s aggressive confidence and unwillingness to settle for anything but justice.

Dan is a great lawyer, he is also a good, ethical, moral person who does what is right at every step of the way. I have referred him to many, many friends over the years, primarily for family law and, without exception, they have all been very happy with his representation.


Assault & Battery

Karalash knows how to fight and win!   When we met, I had three lawsuits against me.  Karalash settled two with zero benefit to the plaintiffs.

The third went to a Jury trial. Karalash got the exact judgement I was expecting.  Since completion of the trial, I have no one suing me!

Mission Accomplished, I am a HAPPY CLIENT!


Business Litigation

We had an excellent experience with this team of attorneys. We were always informed and communicated with. They helped us win our custody case and get unhandled matters settled.

We appreciate their dedication to our family!


Family Law: Custody Issue

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