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Our approach when working with our business clients is to invest the time to understand their business in order to provide them with the best legal guidance and support.

Our approach when working with our business clients is to invest the time to understand their business in order to provide them with the best legal guidance and support. Consistently looking to avoid issues before they happen, but ready defend you when necessary.

Strategic Law Command assists clients in resolving and avoiding business issues from initial corporate formations, partnership agreements, employment agreements, asset and intellectual property protection to commercial litigation disputes, arbitration and regulatory proceedings, including contract disputes, construction disputes, real estate litigation, partner and shareholder disputes, employment law matters, and unfair competition.

In today’s business world, legal conflict is inevitable. We know the last thing you want to do is take time, effort and money away from your business because of a lawsuit. We focus on building long term relationships with business owners and helping them achieve success while avoiding disaster. Growing a business requires knowledge of the legal landscape surrounding that business, but just as important is the art of keeping you out of the court room wherever possible.

We will work with you to foresee and potentially avoid conflicts and when issues arise, provide guidance to resolve them in a prompt and cost-efficient manner. We utilize common sense and creative approaches to problem solving and avoid needless expense.

We emphasize a creative approaches regardless of the size of your business or the particular circumstances of your matter. As a result, we have negotiated resolutions of complex legal and business problems leaving our clients in a stronger position to compete and grow in the business community.

However, on other occasions, an aggressive litigation and trial strategy is necessary to protect a client’s interests or resolve a difficult issue. We have been recognized by clients as providing exemplary trial representation in a variety of matters ranging from commercial disputes with a competitor, real estate transactions, partnership disputes or dissolution, regulatory actions involving a government agency or litigation with a current or former employee.

We have successfully represented business clients in settling disputes and also arguing cases before administrative agencies and both  state and federal courts.

Whatever legal support your business requires, we have the requisite knowledge, experience and access to work with you to achieve efficient and positive results.

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